A taste of freedom

Today my nephew received his permit. He completed his class yesterday at 5 pm and today managed to get to the Secretary of State for an 11 am appointment. He was turned away due to an error on his paperwork from the driver’s training school. Then by the sheer grace of God, we managed to snag a second appointment for 130 today, and they were able to bring a corrected form, and he proudly took his spot in the driver’s seat.

He and I enjoyed 9 holes of golf today, and he chauffeured me to the golf course, to get gas and to drive him home. He is a good driver who is attentive to the road and moves with intention and confidence.

I know I am “just” an aunt, but my heart was tender as I thought about how quickly we went from this where he is meeting my dog Dutch as a new puppy almost 14 years ago to this where he is driving me to golf!

In all of today’s events, I am delighted that this young man is tasting the sweetness of freedom. In the coming year, he will grow more confident and master his driving skills even more.

I am committed to praying for this nephew of mine in his new driving responsibilities. May we all remember the new drivers on the road, not all of whom are 15 years old. Some are new to our country or just pursuing this freedom at a later age. Be patient, have grace, and remember when you first tasted the joy of freedom and followed the speed limited as posted!

God protect us all on the roads,

Blessed be His name!


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