The gift of laughter

I have a favorite picture. I love this picture because it is represents the gift of laughter we shared as a family when Len and my Dad were both still living.

I have a favorite video from the last few weeks as my great nephew shared his gift of laughter. You can just imagine how funny this pig really must be!

Today i was out taking pictures of my niece and her dear sweet friend, this is the word that stuck out to us. 

And you can almost hear the delight come out of this image! I so enjoyed the presence of my older nieces and nephews as well this weekend and I recorded this video as their laughter brought sheer joy to my heart!

At the end of another week, in a world that feels burdened with so much pain and sorrow, I find myself grateful for laughter and for the people I share it with. May you all experience a moment of joy today!

Author: trishborgdorff

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