All the time God is good; God is good all the time

This saying is often shared at my Church, and we say it with conviction when we say it together!

God is good all the time… All the time God is good. – Our Alaska Calling

It sounds so good and feels so right when you hear an entire congregation declare God’s goodness. But somehow, it doesn’t bring the same confidence to my soul when I say it alone!

Today I spent a lot of time advocating for my dear friends in their late 80’s. Our medical systems are excellent in so many ways and complicated in so many other ways. My friend is doing so well after major surgery that now he doesn’t qualify for some things that they really would benefit from. I spent a few hours up at Mary Free Bed this evening. We talked and prayed about what the next chapter might look like as he continues to anticipate 30 days of radiation. At the end of a lovely evening with him, and after an hour plus on the phone with her sorting out her questions, we are no closer to an answer of what’s next. But both of them ended the conversation similarly. Even in the dips, he said, and even on hard days, she said, “God is good all the time!” And I was able in full confidence to reply back, “All the time, God is good.”

Tonight, we are grateful for this truth and the promise that He will hold us in his hand. I hope and pray that you can say the same, on good days and hard days, in dips and mountain tops!

Blessed be His name!


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