Celebrating Working Mothers

Today at Visiting Angels, I took time to honor the Mother’s I work with. Laura, Heather and my Mom are all faithful in their daily work, and I am so grateful for them. I am aware that their lives are full and their jobs are only a part of their more extensive commitments. I did not want to miss naming my gratitude for their decision to navigate daily office life in addition to their roles as Mothers.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Laura Koster, people smiling, child, tree, outdoor and nature Laura is the newest Mom. She has a wonderful husband and two great sons. We are so grateful that she and Dave shared the boys with us in their first 18 months when they would come to work with her 4 days a week. Now ages 7 and 3, they visit often, and we celebrate birthdays and Christmas and any other gift giving opportunity in their world.

Laura comes to work ready to give her best to every day even when her youngest did not allow her a full night’s sleep. Laura is choosing spaces to show up at school and on the playground, communicating to her dear son that she sees him and knows him and being his Mom is a role she delights in.

Laura is amazing at all she accomplishes at work. Visiting Angels would not be who we are without her. I admire the passion, order, impact, and love she brings to her family and work. She is blazing a beautiful trail, and I am honored to walk alongside her, my dear friend. You, Laura, are a great Mom.

Heather is now living out this season of life in it’s fullest senseImage may contain: 7 people, including Heather Dobrowolski Kuiper and Olivia Earl, people smiling

My child(ren) I wish for you two things

To give you roots, to give you wings.

Heather has journeyed many years of being Mom to her 4 adult children. She now is also Nana to a 4-year-old grandson. Her heart remains as tender as when her oldest was young.

Heather is a natural at nurture and her smile and laugh can put anyone at ease. Heather is so gifted at using her own story as a gift to be shared with applicants, caregivers, clients or families. She can relate so well to others because her beautiful heart holds compelling stories which have birthed empathy and understanding.

I am so grateful that Heather has chosen to navigate work and home life. Visiting Angels is a kinder, happier space because she shows up every day. I am thankful for her work ethic, her heart, her friendship, and her family. I love bearing witness to her passion and commitment for her family She is my love life to the fullest, adventurous friend. I will tell you every chance I am able, you Heather, are a good Mom!

Image may contain: 2 people, including Janet Borgdorff, people smiling, eyeglasses and closeup Janet came on staff 7 years ago when Laura went on maternity leave. Working with my Mom is a gift I am grateful for every day. She is willing to jump into new spaces and learn new things. She challenges me to risk and grow, and she is ready to risk and grow with me.

Janet is deeply loved by her co-workers, and she brings her experiences of owning her own financial business, wisdom, laughter, and friendship into the office. I stand in awe of watching my Mom journey through all that life holds. As a mother of 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 1.5 great-grandchildren, her heart knows deep love and loss, and yet she shows up and invites us to journey with her. Laura and Heather and I are all grateful for her presence, and I can confidently say from first-hand experience, you, Janet, my mother and friend, are a good Mom.

On this Mother’s day weekend, I tip my hat and sincerely say to all working mothers, thank you for venturing out and navigating a complex world. Your commitment and dedication are seen, and I am very grateful.

Blessed be His name

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