Tuning my senses…

Today was a beautiful day on Anna Marie Island. It is hard to believe that it will be mid 80’s all week with a gentle breeze and very little rain, or so the forecast says. Time will tell, and I am pretty convinced that even if that changed, the week will be excellent!

IMG_7709Today I became aware that on this second day of vacation, my senses feel very keen. As I have been reviewing the day, I am intrigued by what I am writing about. I am reflecting on the beauty of the sunset, the warmth of the pool water, the softness of the sand, the roar of the waves, the taste IMG_7680and the tenderness of the perfectly grilled steaks and the sound of laughter that started early today and continued on till bedtime. As that all comes to my mind, I am aware that at home, my senses seem to be dulled by….hmmm by what?

Is it the pace of life, or the environment?

Is it routine that dulls my senses or perhaps a lack of mindfulness?

Or maybe it is just that I have not tuned into those small miracles that surround me at home.

I am grateful for that simple lesson today. I wonder how tuned in your senses are? Do you see, taste, hear, smell, or feel the goodness that surrounds you each day?

I am eager to get home, well, after this week, and experience my world with finer tuned senses!



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