Anna Marie Island

I will be honest, I had never heard about Anna Marie Island before I scheduled our vacation for this week. We wanted to find sunshine and warmth for golf and beach walking and accommodations that would work for the six of us.

IMG_6364Every February I take a week to go away with my parents, very dear family friends and my Aunt and I. We have good conversations, we laugh a lot, we play cards most evenings, and I find it to be a time I am very grateful for.

As I anticipate this week on Anna Marie, I feel like we might have discovered a gold mine we didn’t even know we were looking for. The number of people who I have heard from who have long traditions of coming to Anna Marie creates excitement and anticipation about what we will experience this week.FullSizeRender-1

I find my thoughts wandering a bit between life at home and breathing in the goodness of all that awaits. I am relaxing in a bedroom with a comfy soft king size bed, the breeze is coming in the open windows, and the fairly large TV is playing the Olympics in the background. I am anticipating that tomorrow’s sun will bring mid 80’s, a lovely worship time at Bradenton CRC, steaks on the grill with roasted Brussel sprouts and some time walking along the ocean, laying by the pool and soaking in the goodness that surrounds me. I love that my fit bit just had a fireworks show for me because I hit my 10,000 step goal today.

And so why is this blog worthy?

For me, I want to remember the goodness of all I am anticipating. I am aware that so much of what I experience is influenced by how I am entering into it. It is not difficult to expect goodness in almost every moment this week. But I must remember, it is true every day, about all I experience. I wonder how aware you are of what thoughts and beliefs you are carrying into your day and all it holds. Do you anticipate and expect the best of most things or do you struggle with feeling defeated before you move into a situation?

I want to experience this day and this week entirely. I am committed to experiencing every day and each week fully. I hope you will join me in being curious about your thoughts and beliefs and begin to allow the goodness of life start as gratitude and hope. Let gratitude and hope fill your heart, soul, and mind.

Signing off tonight feeling deeply grateful

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