A few good friends…

I am so very lucky to have a great community of friends and family.

Some of this is a direct result of how I am wired as my connecting and extroverted self.

Some of this is a direct result of the home I grew up in. A home where we learned about extending the invitation for others to join in is the norm and in relationship, we experience life in a way that we would not if we chose to not invite others in.

Some of this is the beautiful pathways God has invited me to walk. My involvement with Sunshine Community Church, Visiting Angels, Hospice, Living Stones Academy and Open Hearts Ministries has allotted me opportunities to get to know and stay in relationship an abundance of amazing people.

But tonight I am grateful for a few good friends that I get to work with every day. Some of these friends are also my family and I am grateful every night when I reflect on my day, for these people.

vaparty2015We are a crazy mix of different personalities and work styles. Some of us have worked together for many years and a few are new to us during this past year. We laugh together, we cry together, we struggle together, we spend many hours together. Perhaps the greatest gift is we respect each other.

We come from different journeys with different experiences. We have different education levels and we cover a wide variety of ages. This past Saturday we spent the day together for our year end celebration. We did not have work to distract us and the time was sweet. The conversation flowed easily and ebbed and flowed  between all 8 people. I am grateful and I am aware that for such a time as this, I believe that God has orchestrated this group to serve the Visiting Angels community.

We are a committed and dedicated group of women who come together with all our stories of life.  We strive to make a difference in this world. We love and serve people the best we can.  I am ever so grateful for a few good friends that I can work with every day.

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