Liver and Onions

I wonder what meals you remember from your younger years? Mine would include Hamburger Helper, meatloaf, and shepherds pie. Sundays were often pot roast, mashed potatoes, and of course, a good veggie. When my Dad traveled, we were assured a pot of spaghetti (my Dad was never a fan of pasta), and my Mom has always made the best soup!

This is a meal that I liked as a kid and still like today. I know it is not a popular favorite, but I do claim it as one of mine. I am grateful my Mom made liver and onions for us as kids. My Uncle Bob makes an excellent liver and onions. This week he invited and served a magnificent meal!

I wonder what meal would bring you right back to that growing-up space? Consider adding it to your menu this week and enjoy all the smells, tastes, and feels that come with that meal of long ago!

If you can’t think of one, try liver and onions. You might just like it!

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One thought on “Liver and Onions”

  1. Trish, I love liver and onions….not sure we had it much at home. When I worked in the Retirement home…Maggie, the cook, always saved me a healthy portion of both. Opa did not like Pasta…neither does ur Uncle Piet. I will eat just about anything. Love u, take care. Blessings Aunt Tina

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