And miles to go before I sleep…

That was my thought as I pulled out of the driveway this morning. We were heading out on our mission trip and making it as far as the Missouri/Arkansas border 49 car pile upbefore we called it a day. There was a looming awareness in my mind of yesterdays tragic 49 car pile up near Michigan City.

winter weatherThere was a very real unknown sense of how the roads would be for travel. The wind was strong and there were enough cars in the ditch or flipped over that made me wonder how the day would unfold….

And I kept rehearsing the words…and miles to go before I sleep!

I was grateful to be driving my own car. It felt familiar and I know how it handles.

I was grateful to be riding with my Mom and Joyce, two people who I am very at ease with.

Even with those comforts, I could feel my anxiety and I could acknowledge that as we drove into the unknown, and because I knew there were miles to go before I sleep, that I was feeling vulnerable.

I am happy to report that the roads were clear and the sun shone. The temperature climbed from negative six to 26 as the day went on. As I pulled into our Quality Inn tonight, I could feel great relief. The miles were complete and the worst of all I had thought through did not occur.

And as I am now ready to sleep, I am aware that the wind is howling back home. The cold is frigid and there are people at risk due to the weather. I am aware that there are lives that were changed yesterday in that pile up and they were all just traveling miles to go before they also slept. Why are we protected and others not? Why are we warm and others not? Why is a question that can unsettle my soul…

I may never know or understand….

It may not be mine to know or understand…

And so as I call it a day, I simply end it with Thank you Jesus and bless all who are hurting and cold this evening!

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