Living with intention…

Living with intention, a commitment for 2014!

Today is the day

It starts with thoughts of daily exercise, commitment to my morning devotions, meal prep and planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner and on my thoughts go with all the goodness that 2014 will hold….

I feel committed, longing and hopeful as I begin to outline what implementation looks like.

I begin to envision how nice my days will be when I get to the gym, workout, eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, have down time at home and remain true to my family and friends in relationship. I desire to offer myself fully to those I love and to things that make a difference. I long to live honestly and authentically……

And then I begin to feel the inner angst…

I bet it won’t work again..,I bet my thoughts are just fantasy…I bet i won’t be able to stay focused enough….

And as the negative energy fills my thoughts, I feel my commitment, longings and hope begin to fade…

And I realize that living with intention requires me to intentionally stop the negative thoughts and hang onto the vision I hold for my body, mind and spirit.

I realize living with intention requires me to embrace the invitation to go again as many times as I need to.

I realize living with intention requires me to focus on the next steps to take, not the next mountain to climb.

I realize that living with intention is about taking my thoughts captive and making choices in each moment that are aligned with my values and vision.

I wonder what it looks like for you to live with intention. Not where you hope to end up, but what will it require from you to live each day with intention that is aligned with your values and vision?

I invite you to dare to dream….

I dare you to live with intention…

I decided today that there is no other way for 2014!