Moving on out of my comfort zone….

I woke up this morning and read this on my daily calendar…

When God asks you to step out of your comfort zone, do it — and wear a glorious pair of shoes. flip flop heart

I got to thinking about how I move when I move out of my comfort zone…. It is often with a bit of anxiety and fear… There is often a sense of uncertainty and wondering….

I often am looking back over my shoulder to see if I really want to leave the space that feels more comfortable for the place of the unknown….

And even though I am one who takes risks, I don’t leave my comfort zone in the same way these simple words invite me to….

I began to search what my shoes might look like….

I begin to think about how I feel and move when I have put on a glorious pair of shoes…

peace and love flip flopsI want to put on glorious shoes each day and honor God’s invitation to move into new spaces, to trust him more and to make a difference in my world.

Find your shoes folks….the year is young and God is at work!

Making room for playfulness….

My life feels full.

That is just a statement of reality. I don’t really mind a full life and it means that exciting things are unfolding. In the midst of fullness, I must take time for space. Quiet space. Space with no sound, no music, no conversation. A space to quiet my mind, my thoughts, my fears, my anxieties. A space to still my dreams, my wondering a, my aches and my grief. A space where I simply pause everything….

Tonight as I did that, I was struck by the beep indicating the end of the dishwasher. And the chiming bell letting me know the dryer is done. It feels right that the day is winding down.

And as I glanced around the room my eyes saw this


I was reminded of a funny request for a second pair of goggles for my tub. Since those are perfect for Isaiah, they think I should find smaller ones in purple. Isaiah and Johanna had such fun today soaking in the tub.  It was such fun to hear them play.

Today my play came through goggles at use in my tub and the delight that echoed in young voices.

Tomorrow I need to ensure I create space for some play!

Have you made room for something playful each day?

I believe that creating space for play will renew your being.

I may just leave these goggles out.

They are a great invitation to create space for playfulness.