Hats off….

My sister and brother-in-law are on a little date, or at least that is how their four-year old says it. That date started this morning and will end Sunday afternoon.

I took a few days off from work and started my season of motherhood at 9 am. I had a day full of interesting conversation, very little productivity, lots of running around, doing homework and bath times and sending one off to a cousins game and two staying home because they like to get enough sleep. Oh yes, and I fed them. I am thinking through tomorrow, packing for a trip to Chicago to cheer on other cousins in wrestling, setting clothes out for school, breakfast, note to pick them up early, and need to make sure we don’ forget their bathing suits nor toothbrushes.

I want to ensure the Ipads are charged and the pillows are in the car, cause two think they will nap. One great thing about these kids is they love to sleep. And Johanna told me she is complicated because she wants to take her slippers but doesn’t want to leave one there. Mental note to tell her I will ensure we remember to take home  everything we bring. Note to self to not disappoint her by forgetting one of her slippers.

And now as I wrap up day one, I am on the couch cause although it wasn’t the plan, the two younger ones are so nicely fast asleep in my bed. A night on the couch won’t hurt me any.

And so, why do I blog about this day?

hats offPerhaps to say hats off to mothers and fathers who tend to these routines and schedules every day.

Hats off to families who function in a fashion that ensures every detail is met.

And a good reminder to me to say THANK YOU to my Dad and Mom. You pulled off every day without letting onto the stress that some days carry.

I love being an Aunt and I am so thankful my siblings will entrust their children to my care. My heart is fuller and my appreciation for them deeper!

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  1. Trish, you’re an awesome aunt! Your sister’s blessed to have you to take care of her kids for a weekend!

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