hope, anticipation, celebration and disappointment…

Golden Globe StatueI am watching the golden globes…

I feel like I am watching hope, anticipation and celebration over and over again…

But I wonder, do those who not win, feel disappointment?

I wonder what it costs (not financially) to get to the event and I wonder about each persons story who participates in such a grandiose party this evening.

I would guess there are very few of us who will ever visit the red carpet and be nominated or selected for a golden globe. But where in your day-to-day do you experience hope, anticipation, celebration and disappointment.

I used to believe I was never disappointed. I believe I rolled with life so well, that somehow that feeling passed me by. In honest reflection, I would say I was an expert in denial of my disappointment.

I wonder if you are aware of this feeling in your heart?

I wonder what you do with your disappointment?

Does it get buried, neutralized, or do you spend appropriate time with it?

I am grateful I have learned to name it and tend to my heart when it shows up.

I love hope, anticipation and celebration. They are easier to embrace by far. But I have grown by befriending my disappointment and learning about myself in the process.

red carpetMay each day this week be a red carpet for you to hope, anticipate, celebrate and experience disappointment.

I believe our hearts hold many emotions and being kind and living true to the emotion of our hearts, warrants a walk on the red carpet!



Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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