Priceless Moments….

One main reason I blog is to leave the stories of my family’s journey  with my nieces and nephews for them and their families and the generations to come. I found a nifty blog to book website and print them every once in a while. It is amazing to look back and see the threads and themes that have woven through our family tapestry.

Tonight I had such a sweet conversation with my four and a half-year old niece that I want to record it. Over the years I have had many conversations about bring single with all of the kids at different times. I have always been blessed by their full embrace and total acceptance of my singleness. This picture will show you just how lucky I feel as an aunt who has always been single. I may not have ever birthed children, but I am so fortunate to be surrounded by family who allow me to love them like they are my own!

When this picture came out, I enclosed this caption: I am often asked how I feel about being single. All I can say is with this group of kids in my life over the last 19 years and with their parents who fully embrace me, I am one very content woman! Love every one of them and so proud of how they are growing up!

me and my kiddo'sAnd so tonight was the first of the Aunt Trish are you married conversations with Johanna, age four and a half. She said she didn’t think I was since I don’t have any children. She wondered what I would do if I wanted to marry a man and he didn’t want to marry me. I told her that would be quite a tricky spot. She said, “Aunt Trish, you are the most beautiful lady ever. Please never get married.”  Tonight was full of sweet and innocent moments with a little girl and her very early impressions of how relationships unfold. I posted this picture and quote and want to secure it for the archives. So that someday Johanna will share the story with her kids and grand kids about a cold winter night when she was four and a half at Aunt Trish’s house and this conversation unfolded:

IMG_0795Johanna, age four and a half was telling me tonight that I have to see if a man is wearing a ring to find out if I can marry him. She told me she sees Papa (my Dad) put his ring on when she sleeps there. So, Aunt Trish, you can’t marry Papa cause he is married.

What would I do without her. I might have married my father!

I love you Johanna, your kind words, your developing mind and your big heart. I am so thankful God has allowed me to be your Aunt!




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  1. I have loved this little niece of yours since I saw the first picture you posted. I wanted to share with you that my mother and father had seven children and my dearly loved Uncle Sid and Aunt Caroline had no children. We were so very fortunate to have “two sets of parents.” Today, my grandson interviewed me about my past and I told him the story of how my aunt and uncle came to take care of us, but, before they arrived, stopped at the public library to pick up a movie projector and movies to show us. We were happy we didn’t have TV like our friends did in those days. All seven of us have such dear memories of our second parents. I was blessed to be Uncle Sid’s caregiver when he lived in Raybrook Manor and lived a good life until he went to heaven at age 98. Blessing to you and your flock, Trish.

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