Living true to the music of your soul….

Do you have one of those favorite songs that you really like to sing out?

Do you have that one song that feels inspiring, hopeful, comforting and once you sing it you just can’t get it out of your head?

kathy and gerritOn April 24, 2012 I read this message in my friends care page update. Their 12-year-old son had just died a few days prior.

….I’m holding onto the beliefs that were easy to sing about when all was good, knowing that’s what will get us thru. That being said, I heard an amazing song in the car the other day that we hope to sing at G’s memorial service. It’s 10000 reasons by Matt Redman. So load it up on your iPod, grab your spatula microphone or sing your heart out in the shower. “

I will never forget hearing the words and weeping as I envisioned my friend who had lost her first-born to cancer just days before singing her heart out. I welcomed her invitation to learn the song so I could sing along with them at Gerrit’s service.

Following Gerrit’s memorial service, I would listen to it often. I learned the words and learned to feel the depth of the meaning. I would play it again and again. And then in my own grief journey, I would play it and sing with a little less strength but even more conviction. Wondering if I could really embrace these words….

I have learned that singing the song and living the meaning don’t always go hand in hand. I want to live out the words of the worship songs I bellow from the depths of my soul. I want 10,000 reasons to be more than a song I love. I want 10,000 reasons to be the way I move in and out of every day. I want In Christ Alone to not only bring me to tears when I sing it, but I want to believe deep in my being that from life’s first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny.

I hope you have songs that you love to sing.

I hope you have songs that offer you inspiration, hope and comfort. But even more,

I hope that you will consider each day, how you can take that song and live it out, so that your life will ring true to the music of your soul.


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. So much beauty in that music…. I love this blog. Question….is there a way to blog w/o it being public? I am findign myself wanting to journal in this way, but not wanting to perfect it for others to read. I”m sure there are journal programs out there, just wondered off the top of my head.

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