I have been thinking a lot about why I haven’t been writing. I like to write and I find it is good for my being to reflect and write. But I must say that in these last weeks, I just haven’t had it in me. It is not that there hasn’t been a lot to write about. The summer has been full and between wedding and anniversary celebrations, we enjoyed so much good family time. Visiting Angels marked ten years of business and I have many stories about God’s goodness in my life through those days. Today marks nine months since my brother died, and so sorrow ebbs and flows and there are reflections I would like to share about that. It is not that there has been a shortage of life to share….

I continue to appreciate those who let me know that you miss my daily musings. I believe almost every day I have thought about writing, and yet, I didn’t.

And so, I have come to the conclusion that it was a season….seasons
A season of holding things close to my heart…
A season of sorting..,
A season of resting…
A season of growing…

And now I feel ready for a new season…
A season of gratitude…
A season of reflecting…
A season of sharing…
A season of releasing much of what my heart has held…
A season of growing…

I wonder what season you are experiencing in your life?
Are you sorting, resting, growing, reflecting, sharing or releasing?
Are you new to the season or are you ready to transition?

I find great hope in the season picture I have included in this blog. It reminds me clearly that seasons come and go and the transition is part of a beautiful picture of life.

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

3 thoughts on “Seasons….”

  1. Autumn – time to plant bulbs. Tucked into the cool earth this time of year, the bulbs energy goes into developing a strong root system. We plant and then wait for Spring to see the bloom. Autumn – a time of letting go. So many analogies, metaphors and lessons this time of the year. Enter this season well, dear Friend.


  2. Yes, Trish, I woke up yesterday as well thinking that it was nine months since Len died. I have also missed your postings, but you had mentioned earlier that your schedule had changed with your renovations, so ascribed it to that. You come by your liking to write honestly. I have it, too. Have a good day, my dear and congratulations on 10 years Visiting Angels! I did n’t know that. Love to you! Aunt Marg.


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