Through the eyes of a child….

It doesn’t take too long when I am with Jean Marc for us to be talking about his Daddy (my brother) who died December 23, 2012. The one thing Jean Marc will always say he misses most is laughing with his Dad. I love that his greatest memory is that his Dad always made him laugh. My heart aches at what a great loss that is. And so in our remembering we remember his goofy, crazy funny things he did and said and we laugh. When Jean Marc laughs, it is a great deep belly laugh….

And tonight we continued our conversation to what kind of mansions are in heaven, how does money work in heaven, what kind of cars do they drive in heaven and lots of wondering and discussing….

And Jean Marc ended our conversation with this thought…

Len and Jean MarcYou know Aunt Trish, one time a long time ago, someone figured out how to go to the moon….

I think I am going to try to figure out a way to send people to heaven and have them come back so we can know more about it….

I think I will go first so I can check in on my Daddy and see if he and Michael Jackson live near each other….

But don’t worry, I won’t be gone forever. Part of my invention is going to be that I can come back and tell you more funny stories of Daddy in heaven.

I am so thankful their hearts were bonded those days back in Haiti….

I love that boy and I love how he loves his Daddy….


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