Superman memories…

This story was shared by my brother-in-law at my brother’s funeral….

Through our tears we smiled and laughed….

The memory was a vivid picture of Len in all of his personality…

Shortly after 9/11 Arlene and I went to visit Marcia and Len at the Bremerton, Washington Naval base.  When we arrived, Len had been playing with Noah, complete with Super Man shirt and small-sized cape.  After some small talk, Len asked if I would like to see more of the base.  Within a few minutes, we found ourselves in the situation of having to ignore some “do not enter” signs in order to see what was interesting.  It was at this point that we saw the military police vehicles that had quickly swooped in behind us, blocking our exit.  Len was able to confidently exit our vehicle and clear up the mis-understanding with the stern looking military police.  However, I am  still unsure if it was the navy credentials that won the argument, or the snug fitting superman t-shirt and cape that was the most convincing.  I believe it was Superman.

And so, this past weekend my Dad, brother, and brother-in-laws went on the annual golf trip. Len loved this trip and I am sure his absence was felt in many ways. But I am sure that Len would have been delighted with how he was remembered….

You are missed….


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