A good day….

Today was a good day….

I often find myself wondering at the start of the day if at the end of a day, I will say it was a good day…

Most days are, but often for many different reasons….

So what made today a good day?

I had two sleep over guests last night so I awoke to young voices and smiling faces. That was a sweet moment….

My kitchen island was full at breakfast since three more came by for cinnamon rolls. Feeding a 21, 19, 9, 6 and 3-year-old breakfast makes for a delightful breakfast….

We headed out to go bowling and I am not sure when my nieces and nephews got good, but I smiled in disbelief that two of the three beat me. Not being beat by my 3-year-old niece bowlingreally is a funny thing to be grateful for….

Tax season is almost over, and my brother-in-law owns Eastown Financial, so to celebrate today with their kids, I suggested we make our annual trip to Chuck E Cheese after bowling. It is fun to see the kids run from game to game and enjoy an hour of play time on crazy games for goofy tickets. Hearing my 9-year-old nephew declare that although he had fun, he does realize now that all the prizes are really just junk. It made me smile at how he is growing up…..

I then came home and enjoyed some quiet time, cleaned up my kitchen and played fetch with Dutch. It is always fun to have people in my home and I love the peace of being home alone as well. Quiet moments add goodness to my good day….

Just before I was headed out to a wine tasting fundraiser, I learned of my niece’s new forearm tattoo. I have posted a picture of it…..on this one, I am pretty confident my brother  is smiling down on his girl! ♥ It is his writing, his words and his desire for her to be and become her own person….the tears that came with the text and picture allowed for my heart to remember and ache, and that is ok and feels honoring on a good day….liv tattoo

And then some wine tasting and fun connecting, some sorting and organizing at home, two more trips to the park with Dutch, and then my aunt joining me in the continued adventure of finding a new space for everything in my home….

And at the end of this day, I have my windows open and I marvel at the smell of spring in the rain that is lightly falling….

It was a good day because it included joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, encouragement, diversity, productivity, friends and family….

It was a good day because of all it held….



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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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