Mind over matter….

But don’t forget to check in with your heart….

I feel like this is an important theme for me right now….

There are lots of things I don’t feel like doing….

Seems like the gym is on the top of that list right now….

Initially it was about being kind to myself in grief….

Now it feels like I need to refocus and so I am going with mind over matter….Slogan en Anglais "Mind over Matter" - Cadres et points

For quite some time after Len died, I wasn’t sleeping well at all…..

I would often fall asleep as morning dawned and my alarm didn’t really rank very high as my day started…

Now as I embrace the coming of Spring and am sleeping more in the night, I know I should no longer roll over when my alarm goes off….

It is time for mind over matter….

And as I walked to and from work yesterday, I wondered if I was in shape enough to walk four miles….

As I thought less about the if and more about my goals and hopes, I realized I was practicing mind over matter….

chose hope over fearAnd as I walked, I remembered that listening to my heart helped me press on and succeed at mind over matter!

I wonder if you have any area where mind over matter resonates in your thoughts…

And so, I invite you to set aside your resistance and listen to your heart….and get done what needs to be done!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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