I have very good news….

These were the words echoed often from the back seat of the Van by my 3-year-old niece as we traveled this past week….

There is just something about a 3 year old’s voice…

Johanna in pink sunglassesThe energy….

The happiness…

The innocence…

Her very good news was always about how we were almost there….

Her words were often sparked because she could see the flag on the GPS indicating our destination was close…

Almost to Missouri…

Almost to the Cave….

Almost to the Train ride…

Almost home….

I hope to carry her sweet voice in my memory for a long time to come….

I thought of it on the way home from Church last night….

As I reflected on Christ’s death, I was thankful that my faith story does not end with Jesus death on a cross….

The cross reminds me that I also  have very good news…..

May I share it with the same energy, happiness and innocence until I too arrive home…..♥

Easter Ressurection


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