Living life confidently…

It is tax season again…IMG_2811

Every year about this time I am the lucky aunt who gets to spend extra time with Peter (age 9), Isaiah (age 6) and Johanna (age 3 3/4) as their parents assist many people with their tax returns….

Today we ran a lot of errands and conversation was abundant…..

There was one very fun conversation where Isaiah declared he wished he could drive…..

Johanna proceed to tell him she was sure he could…

stop lightWhen the light is green go and when it is red stop….

When you want to turn the corner turn the steering wheel (which is the round thing Aunt Trish is holding) and when you want to go straight, don’t turn it….

“And Isaiah” Johanna said in her cheerful and confident voice, “we just need to get taller so we can touch the pedals, then we can drive….”

I love how Johanna thinks without limitations…

As I listened to her I began to wonder when we change from believing we can do anything to thinking through the many reasons why we can’t succeed…

I know it is not reasonable for a three and six-year-old to drive, but I love listening to two kids discuss that the only reason they can’t is because they are too short!

I wonder what you and I might do if we believed we could…

I invite you to start taking actions towards that goal and living life confidently…..

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