Media Fast….

A number of months back I shared about the gathering of a small group of women meeting to discuss the book

7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

Each month we focus in on a fast of some sort.  We meet to discuss what the fast might look like in each of our lives and there is great freedom to customize in any fashion that speaks our personal journeys….

We had a month where we ate just seven foods….

We had a month where we wore seven pieces of clothing….

We had a month where we focused on simplifying our excess of possessions….

This month we are focusing on our excess of media….

My sisters post offered me inspiration to make a plan….

“I just wanted to post what I’m doing for media month because the last two days have been two of the best days that I have had with my kids in so, so long. I love this life. How have been missing this?! So…my plan: no FB and no Pinterest. I am only checking/responding to emails twice a day (except when I’m at the office). No radio. No screens for my kids (except for the early morning hours if they have time before school). Instead, I put 20 “activities” in a jar that have ideas of things they can do or some places we could go together. Each day after school they can pick one and we do it all together. This may get old, but two days in – I’m in heaven. Go away media. I love life without you.”  suzi

And so I begin to think about what does a media fast look like for me. I am in front of a computer all day and my job requires some things I can not give up. But I do realize I have habits I would like to begin to change…

During my media fast month I will always ensure my phone is in the back seat while I drive. I am easily distracted by alerts and notifications. I can answer my phone through a hands free option in my car if I must make or take a call, but email, Face Book  and texting are off-limits in the car.

I find that often I reach for my computer first thing in the morning and it is often the last thing I close up at night. I am committing to not being on the computer before I get to work. I am looking forward to getting up and ready without time getting away from me and putting on music to set my tone for the day….

I am returning to the idea that my bedroom is for sleeping. I do enjoy taking my computer to bed and watching the news, blogging and eventually drifting off to sleep. Since Len died, I am having more trouble sleeping. I plan to utilize my comfortable home and watch TV or blog in the other spaces in my home and keep my bedroom for sleeping…

I often am aware that my phone is never more than an arm’s length away. My phone travels with me from room to room, bathroom included. I am  including in my media fast that my phone will be left at the entry (of my home or the home I am in) or in my  pocket or purse and my full attention will be given to the people I am with.

I would like to create space in my mind and heart during this media fast…

I would like to discern God’s voice more clearly when I am not distracted by dings and alerts and media…

I would like to rediscover the sound of silence as I turn things down and turn things off….

I would like to be changed by the process of fasting and desire to be hungry for things that matter….

I invite you to join me…..

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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