Life and death….

Sunday nights are not my favorite….

I seem to be very aware of the clock from 830 pm on…

9 pm on that Sunday night six weeks ago, my life was changed by the death of my brother…

But tonight I am focusing on the celebration of life….

I don’t think it is an accident that in this new year, already two of my nieces have had birthdays on Sundays….

Today my niece Anneliese turns 17….

She is a girl of few words but amazing presence, incredible grace and stunning beauty….Oldies with anne

beautiful anne

Anne has always been clear in her thinking and determined in her ways…

Anne was born in quick succession of her two older siblings…..

And we often wondered if she would get lost in the shuffle….

It is great to report, that as she has grown and found her place in her world….

Anne has her feet on solid ground, her faith is deeply rooted and her heart is kind….

Anne is deeply loved by family and friends….and I consider myself very blessed to be her aunt…

big kid cousins

Anne, I will pray that this year you will marvel at God’s goodness in your life, and celebrate what each day brings, I hope you will be true to yourself and your full range of your emotions and delight in all the ways you are amazingly gifted and beautiful!

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