The gift of time….

I have thought often in the last few weeks of the gift of time….

People have said that it is so difficult to lose someone without warning because there was no time to say good-bye….

I agree that it is very difficult to lose someone without warning…

I am not sure that I ever want to compare what is harder….

I just know that this has been very hard…


We did receive an unexpected gift in all the tragedy and sorrow….and that was the gift of time!

We began to gather the night of the accident (December 23) and said our sad good byes to each other after Len’s funeral on December 31….

We realize that because Len’s accident and funeral all happened over Christmas, we were blessed with the gift of time to be together…

We were all easily off from work due to the holiday….

The kids were able to be together the entire time which was an amazing comfort to each of them….

Because of the holiday, everything was slowed down, from the autopsy to the visitation to the funeral….and we were given the gift of time….

Time to be together, to weep, to wail, to laugh, to remember, to share stories, to hug and to hold, to plan and prepare, to talk about very difficult things and to be silent together…

I encourage you to find places where you are offered the gift of time…

time with those you love, time to think, time to rest, time to play, time to yourself. Time comes in many different ways….

We have not yet celebrated Christmas….we will in time….

Our gifts remain unopened but I know the gift I am most thankful for in this unforgettable, very difficult Christmas….The Gift of Time!

the gift of time



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  1. A long goodbye is just as difficult in different ways…there are many blessings in grief, often it is hard to see them when they are happening, but you seem to be seeking out those opportunities to use this grief to connect to one another. Its really beautiful. Wishing you all the best & holding you close in thought & prayer.

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