You do good work….

These are the words my brother Len spoke often to his wife….

These are the words that she recalled as we spent time together the week after he died…

These are the words that bring a smile to her face, a tear to her eyes and peace to her heart….

Life was full and busy for Len and Marcia with four kids….

Marcia spent many hours volunteering at school, running kids or coordinating community events…..

Len loved and valued her energy for their family, their kids and their community….

And so his words, YOU DO GOOD WORK, were words of blessing, affirmation, appreciation and gratitude….

Tonight I watched my sister-in-law, a widow of just over three weeks, care for her 14-year-old son in the hospital. She kept a smile on his face as he deals with not being able to communicate due to strep, mono, double ear infection, tonsillectomy and adenoids that are pressing on his sinuses. She hasn’t left the hospital since Sunday….

I noticed againIMG_1866

her strength, her tenderness, her stamina, her determination, her resolve, her sorrow, her compassion. her love, her beauty….

And so tonight Marcia, I reminded you as I hugged you good-bye, you do good work. I believe it in all of my being. In the days ahead when life feels hard, hear Len’s words and hold them dear to your heart.  Love you so much!

PS. If you know someone who does good work, don’t forget to bless them with words that communicate to them that you notice. May we all be generous in our words of kindness to those who surround us!



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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

7 thoughts on “You do good work….”

  1. And, my sweet friend, “YOU do good work”. Trish, you are such an example to me of what “family” should be about as you exhibit God’s grace each day. You are laying your life down for your friends and certainly our family members should be our friends. I hear your still grieving heart as you write such beautiful and encouraging words for others, especially your sister-in-law. It is times when you have thought you had taken all you could take of LIFE when you are hit with another heart wrenching surprise. These are the times we truly realize what HIS grace is and how sufficient it can be. Praying for your nephew this morning. There is so much sickness in this country, physical and otherwise. I pray for you and your Mother today also, another example of the great faith of your family, Trish. As you prepare and go on your mission trip it will be another path on your God ordained journey. Your recent grieving is preparing you to do unto others in HIS name. I am praying expectantly for much kingdom work to take place as well as the needed physical accomplishments. I shall continue to pray for you and yours. Because of HIM, Betty

  2. Great reminder, Trish, to take the time to tell people that we notice their good work and that they’re appreciated.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to Len & his sole mate Marcia. They were a perfect couple with a beautiful family & life together – they together “did good work” and now you, Trish, “did good work” in supporting Marcia as she takes care of her family. Marcia is and always has been a caring, loving, & beautiful young woman whom I have known since childhood. I truthfully can say Len’s words to her – Marcia, you do good work!!

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