A beautiful walk…

I have decided a walk is just friendlier with a dog.

Tonight I walked the pier in Grand Haven and it was a beautiful night. 

I saw people of all ages, a variety of ethnic backgrounds, people dressed in to many clothes for the warm weather and people with almost nothing on. I saw people walking, biking, skateboarding, rollerblading, walking with a cast on a foot, pushing a wheelchair….People smiling, laughing, talking….lots and lots of people!

Cathy and Caili and I enjoyed good conversation while walking, but there was something I was very aware of while walking tonight…

Dutch is a wonderful invitation to engage with people. So many people commented on the ball Dutch carries or her sweet face. I was struck by how many people comment as we pass by. Children ask if they can pet her and people of all ages make eye contact and comment about my sweet dog Dutch. Well, all people, except the one dog Dutch went after. When that happens, the pier feels very narrow! 🙂

It was a great night celebrating Caili’s 5 year gotcha day….

It was a great night enjoying time with my long friend Cathy….

It was a great night, beautiful weather and so much friendlier walking with Dutch.


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