Six years of brilliance….

Tonight I am writing Isaiah’s birthday blog while the rest of my family is partying in 6-year-old fashion. They just completed bowling and I hope to Skype in for the gifts. I have opted not to share the flu bug as one of his gifts.

Isaiah has really come into himself this year. He is less shy and more true to his likes and dislikes. He is blunt and matter of fact in sharing his knowledge and very sensitive when it comes to being aware of others and their needs. He has a mind that never quits and is very interested in the hows and whys of life. He is a great conversationalist and enjoys one on one time. But being a bit of an introvert, he also likes to have his alone time.

Isaiah has a best friend who lights up his world. Josiah and Isaiah love to talk about animal facts and are respectful peers who marvel in each other’s knowledge!

Isaiah is a younger brother and younger cousin, but still will hang with Peter and Jean Marc any chance he gets. He has recently shared that it is hard work to be the younger brother because he has to run for the basketball and work hard to keep up, but even in his matter of fact reports, there is no resentment held.

Isaiah has earned a much more loved and respected spot this year in the mind of his little sister. Isaiah speaks to her kindly (most of the time) and to see them playing together is very sweet. I am impressed with how this six-year-old can adjust to the different relationships in his life. He is a connector in his own way and has recently really taken to running my Iphone music in my car and picking the songs to sing and assisting Johanna in selecting hers.

Isaiah’s goofy ways always bring a smile, his concerns for those struggling with health issues is always touching, his brilliance makes us shake our heads and his ability to read is impressive. We have recently nicknamed him Webster as he is into creating definitions. His favorite is what is a natural gas that escapes from the rear end and has a very strong smell? It is repeated with a smile on his face and a gleam in his eye.

Isaiah is persistent in shooting hoops into the garbage can since he is too short yet for the hoops, learning baseball facts or tackling something that interests him. He is a tiger fan, football fan, basketball fan, knowing team names, players and scores of games.

At this season in his life Isaiah loves to learn. I hope he is happy with his animal encyclopedias, National Geographic for kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Zoo Books Animal Anatomy, Bear Poop candy, bright orange Crocs, new guinea pig and a few other things. It must be fun to be six and I am sure this six-year-old will do six well!

I love you Isaiah Edward and look forward to your sixth year. I hope we can shoot lots of hoops, sing lots of songs,  swim lots in the pool, count the many teeth that will come out, laugh and make up definitions. I look forward to you teaching me about animals and sports. And I will always cherish the times we visit with those you love who will struggle with illness. You have a heart of  gold and  a sharp mind. You will bring joy to many people. Have fun being 6!


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