A delayed new year wish….

Tonight I was remembering again my tapestry party and just love all that evening represented. As I reflected, I also remembered that I had planned to share my New Years Letter with you all, after I mailed them out. I am sad to say they did not all get mailed out, and so I am sharing it here, with all of you. It is not a time sensitive letter for the most part, because it shares with you honestly the journey of my heart.

Dear Friends,

It is hard to summarize a full year in a page or two, but I trust what I share will show you of why I have much to be thankful for as I transition from 2011 into 2012.

I still can feel the joy and delight of my Tapestry Party which was celebrated in September of 2011. A concept I had created, mulled over, reshaped and refined, discussed, dreamed of, and resisted for at least five years. Let me share a bit more of how this event transpired.

I am quite content as a 42-year-old single woman (although always open to meeting someone you may know) and found that as I left the weddings and anniversary parties of friends and families, I had an ache in my heart. Now, I must be honest, the ache was not for the marriage, but for the celebration that occurred. The ache was to have an evening with those who are important to me, in one place, celebrating the journey of life. I recently wrote the following in my blog: Over the years, as I journeyed and explored my story, I began to realize that my life was a tapestry of many different threads. I began to recognize that the threads of dirty colors and rough textures were not my favorite and I didn’t care much for them. But they were woven in and I could not deny their presence. I began the process of embracing instead of denying those threads and I began to explore stories that came out of those darker times. I began to search out answers to hard questions and found that there were threads of hope and brightness that ran alongside of these darker threads. The threads of hope and brightness included faces of people who have been weavers in my tapestry. During my journey of discovery, I grew in love and admiration of my tapestry (life). And as I grew in love and admiration of my tapestry, I had a greater understanding of myself, my family, my friends, my community and my God. In my 20′s I was running from the design and threads of my story. In my 30′s I was sorting, sifting, grieving, and trying to make sense of all my tapestry held. In my 40′s, I am enjoying the beauty of my tapestry. I am thankful for all the threads, even if they were painfully woven into the design. I believe that my tapestry is still on the loom and there will be more threads that represent pain and sorrow, heartache and grief, of that I am sure.

And with that concept, and the amazing support and blessing of my family, the planning for a tapestry party was underway. The process of creating was delightful in itself and I began to envision the guests I would invite. One evening as I listened to these lyrics Because I Knew You, I Have Been Changed for Good (from For Good in the Broadway musical Wicked), I began to realize I wanted to celebrate very specifically those people who have been weavers in my tapestry. With the creative gifts of my sister Suzi, invitations were created and mailed. It was a diverse gathering of friends and family, mentors, colleagues, and teachers and professors from elementary, High School, College and Grad School. There was skepticism and questions. What on earth is a tapestry party was the most common question. In the pit of my gut, I wondered the same. In the depths of my heart, I knew exactly the answer

I believe I bought 12 dresses as I searched for the one I felt was perfect for the occasion. You will be happy to know that I returned 11 of them before the event. My Mom and sister and I went shopping for beautiful jewels and I found such fun high heels. I was ready and it was an evening that unfolded as if time stood still.

Upon arrival, each guest received a thank you note for their contribution to my tapestry. There was wine and beer, good food, beautiful words given to me in toasts by dear friends and family and there was dancing. There were hugs and laughter, smiles and tears of joy. There was energy in the room of life and gratitude and it was a perfect night. And so you can see why my Tapestry Party was the highlight of 2011, but it by no means stands alone. I had a year of God’s goodness, faithfulness and provision in my work, play and rest.

Visiting Angels of West Michigan remains a strong and growing business. I am grateful for a multitude of Angels (70+) who work daily to assist with errands, companionship, personal care and many other activities that come their way. If you know anyone in the West Michigan area who would like to join our multitude, please do have them call 616-243-7080. We continue to look for caregivers who are available to work at least ten hours a week and be available two weekends a month if their client’s require weekend care.

I enjoy the company of my parents, Aunt Dot, and my siblings and their children regularly. It may be around the Sunday dinner table,  a sleep over at my house, four days of Cousin Camp, or travels throughout the US, Canada or Europe, but wherever we gather a good time is had. Although my almost three-year old pup Dutchess does not travel far from home, she is at my side almost every day, at the office and out and about town with her head hanging out the car window. A faithful and funny companion she is!

I continue on my journey of wellness. It is a journey that I will be on as long as I have breath. I have enjoyed bike riding many miles with my Mom this past summer and visit the gym at least once a day. I am anticipating a week-long adventure to U1st Fitness in Texas in early January, 2012. I marvel at the weight loss I have had in the past year and hope to exceed it in this coming year. I will then enjoy and celebrate maintenance in future years

I have enjoyed blogging every day in 2011 and am surprised at how writing at the end of each day has given me time to reflect on all a day holds. If you would like to follow my days of 2012, please visit. trishborgdorff.wordpress.com.

And as you journey through each day of 2012 it is my hope that your days will be filled with all you stand in need of. May you experience abundant joy, everlasting peace and love that knows no end. May your days hold laughter in your delightful moments, comfort in your sorrowful moments, hugs in your lonely moments, quiet in your reflective moments and a heart that is filled with gratitude each and every day. And above all, may hope anchor your soul!

And so as 2011 comes to a close, I am thankful for a tapestry that displays many colors. I am thankful for many weavers who have taken time to weave and create on this tapestry of my life. I am thankful for my parents (and family) who have encouraged, supported and given me freedom to live as a woman who is alive to feelings, passion, community and celebration. I am thankful for a community who joins me when I visit the valley or stand atop a mountain. I am thankful for another year and pray that every morning I will live out the words I encounter as I come down my stairs to face my day:

Awake my Soul and Sing!

All my love,



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