Soul food….

I love to enjoy a good meal at Sandmann’s on Wealthy in Grand Rapids, MI. They have excellent BBQ chicken and ribs and it is our traditional Father’s Day menu when I host my family. It is just really good and I have come to understand how good  soul food really is….

This week at U1st Fitness I am learning about how to go home with a plan that will meet my nutritional goals. I have identified that I am not eating frequently enough and when I do, I am not making choices in foods that will fuel my body well. I realize that in my wellness journey I have eliminated my bad choices for the most part, but have not replaced them with the best ones. I am thankful for the opportunity to go at it again and continue to make movement on my journey to wellness….

Another very interesting experience I have had at U1st Fitness is the invitation to spend time in meditation every morning. This is not new to me, but another practice that has gotten shortened and changed up over the years. I have found the start of every day in the quiet and meditating on a Scripture verse, a thought or reading a chapter of a book I am reading to be very enlightening.

During this time I have enjoyed being reminded of life in some places in my soul I have felt dead.

During this time I have marveled at hearing truth that has shaped my day…

During this time I have delighted in silence and stillness….

During this time I have had a definite AHA moment. I have come to realize that wellness doesn’t come in emptying/depriving ourselves, but filling ourselves with life-giving things. Now although I have been somewhat aware of this, my day-to-day life does not reflect my awareness or commitment to this. The invitation to meditate has been a real highlight of my week.

Now you may ask, how does this affect my weight loss journey?

I realized in a very clear way that my habit has been to tend to my soul hunger with food.

I have come to understand that my soul is fed in a much better way by soul food (not the Sandmanns kind)

I am looking forward to journeying in the days and weeks ahead with the right food sources feeding the correct hunger pangs!



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