In His time…

1-11 In His Time (take a listen as you read….)

I often remember the words to this song. Sometimes I can feel the assurance of the promise and there is a feeling of peace that comes with the music and the words….

I will honestly say though, that at times, I wonder if it is really true. Will God really make something beautiful in His time. Sometimes my doubt is rooted in if it will be beautiful and other times I wonder why His time has to take so long.

Today as I hummed this song, I found myself thinking….

I thought of my tree. I wondered if the leaves will ever fall….In His time…

I thought of those I love struggling with health concerns….In His time….

I thought of families who are sitting by the bedside of a loved one tonight, saying good bye for now to love and relationship. Wondering about all the heart holds when letting go and saying good bye….In His time….

I thought of Baby Shiloh (and the other 90+ preemies at just DeVos Children’s Hospital) and wonder if they will soon know the familiarity of their own homes….In His time….

I thought of those with addictions or those who deny God’s saving Grace or those who face unemployment, hunger or losing their home….In His time…

It is my prayer at the end of this day that I will trust more and more in God’s timing.

I wonder what it is your waiting on and if you also can fully embrace that He makes all things beautiful in His time……I hope so!


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