If I live to be 100….

Today I had the opportunity to visit with 11 of our Visiting Angel’s Clients. It is my hope to get into every one of our 175+ homes in the coming months.

It is so good to visit with these dear people in their own homes. It is good to hear about their experiences of care with our caregivers. It is good to hear about how we can provide our services in a better or different way. It is good to hear of their appreciation and satisfaction.

But most of all, it is amazing to see the spirit of those who continue to live their lives as independently as possible and in their own space. For one this is being confined to a hospital bed but being so grateful she can be home. For some this is living with family, and adoring the community that surrounds them. For another this means having a very small apartment and his wood shop combined. I have never seen such an interesting living area.

When I visited with Alice today I learned about preparing baked pears and heard stories of friendships and family who she holds dear. I heard of how much she loves her Visiting Angel and I smiled as she showed me the white slipper she has at the door for her Angel when she comes. She spoke of how she hardly leaves the house anymore because she has trouble cutting her meat and is going blind. We talked about the losses of living and how even though her mind is sharp, her body is betraying her.

And at the end, Alice shared that on October 7, she had a celebration to celebrate her 100th birthday! Yes, dear sweet Alice is 100 years old . She is amazing and kind. She has perspective on living that remains hopeful….

I enjoyed every bit of my day, but the thought that keeps coming back is I wonder what life will be like if I live to be 100….

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