Squeals of delight….

Recently my dear friend Betty Lee came from Texas to lead a small group at the journey retreat. I was the lucky one who got to pick her up at the airport and spend some car time catching up on life. Now, if you have Betty and I together, there isn’t much (if any) silence. But this car ride was unique.

It wasn’t the silence that made this ride unique….but squeals of delight. Riding with Betty that afternoon reminded me of the beauty that surrounds us in the trees and the color. 

I have to admit that I don’t always see the beauty because I know right after this season comes winter. But as I drove with Betty, I realized that I want to squeal with delight (at least internally) at the beauty that I see every day. I am guessing there is even beauty to be found in the winter.

I wonder if you are a squealer when you are surrounded by beauty. Give it a try, it was a delightful ride that fall afternoon when I saw my surroundings through the eyes of a friend who delighted and squealed at God’s handiwork!


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