the thread of my family…

Today was a wild and crazy kind of day…..

But I must say that I am thankful for the way my family weaves in and out of so much of my life.  Today was  a good example of that…

I have been employing my 18-year-old niece this summer. She is saving money and leaving in a short while for Youth With a Mission to London. I have enjoyed this time with her and  we talk pretty honestly about work ethic and how a job well done is as much about who you are as what you accomplish.

In light of that reoccurring conversation, I called my staff last night and told them to stay home. I want them to know they are valued for who they are as much as what they do. In light of the this, my Mom offered to help me staff my office, after we took a good early morning bike ride.

My younger Sister was going to go shopping and Peter and Isaiah didn’t want to go, so they came by the office to work in “their offices” and enjoy some computer time.

As I continued to sort out some details about my new car, my brother-in-law came by and offered solid financing advice.

My Mom then brought me to drop off my car and my brother-in-law offered me his Volvo while I was without a car and my Dad called and we discussed all of the options and decisions that come with  a new vehicle.  My sister’s brother-in-law owns the Ford Dealership where I bought my car and I talked to him a few times we sell. I also was able to schedule lunch with my Older Sisterr next week

I ended the day heading to visit my Aunt Anita and Uncle Bob along with my Aunt Dot. 

And so, in a day when I managed the phones and activity at the office, dealt with the details of buying and selling a car and got two workouts in, I am thankful for the active participation of my family in my life! I am blessed and so pleased with the threads that are woven through my day-to-day. And to think, “it all began when two people fell in love….”

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