good bye to my vue….

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I picked up my new red shiny Saturn Vue in November of 2002 and drove out of the glass showcase doors at Saturn. I had no idea the comfort my car would bring me. I knew it was an investment, but I did not envision the many hours I would spend in it. I would have never guessed it would travel to hospice homes and adoptions homes, Visiting Angel’s Homes and hospital visits. I have buckled in many nieces and nephews as they have gone from infant car seats to front seat passengers and even drivers.


I knew it was getting closer. The miles now show 224,762. I have been researching, planning and wondering what would be next. I often wondered what it would take for me to be ready to trade the key in for a new one. I still love my car. I really am not ready….

But, today was the day I bought a new car. I wonder where my new wheels will take me and what journey’s will unfold in the coming years. I will clean out my Saturn Vue in the morning and send it off in exchange for a new 2011 Ford Edge. The down payment check is ready and the day has come….

Watch for the new and updated Visiting Angel’s vehicle on the road.



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