Is good enough good enough?

Lately, I have heard the phrase, it is good enough, and it has caused me to think about where I settle for good enough? In this blog, I am referring to good enough and how it reflects what we do, not in who we are.

Good Enough: Am I Good Enough? ā€” Pathway Community ChurchWhen I hear that phrase, I realize there are spaces I settle for good enough, and it comes from a place of apathy. Sometimes good enough for me is a place to throw in the towel.

I know that good enough may be a place of release for those who struggle with perfectionistic tendencies. In that case, good enough can mean more than enough. I can stop striving.

Good enough can be a place of giving up or giving in. It can be a place of struggle or growth. The same phrase can mean something different to different people, depending on what motivates it within someone’s being.

Sometimes we don’t speak the words, but we know the feeling. So be curious and aware as you move through the activities of the week.

Blessed be His Name!

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