every two minutes…

today i was struck by two minutes….

my toothbrush has a two-minute timer….it is amazing how it times out 30 seconds in each quadrant and the handle vibrates in order to direct me to move my toothbrush. It seems like a long time when I brush my teeth for two minutes…

my iPhone has a couch to 5k program and tonight I walked and ran the following: walk 5, run 3, walk 1.5, run 5, walk 2.5, run 3, walk 1.5 run 5…it seemed that once I knew I was at 2 minutes I knew I could do it….after all, I know how long two minutes is, since I brush my teeth that long in the AM and PM.

And then tonight I began to explore what happens every two minutes….and found that besides brushing my teeth and pushing through my run, for many life changes drastically every two minutes….

every two minutes a woman dies of cervical cancer

Every two minutes, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted

Every two minutes someone is the victim of elder abuse…

Time is a funny thing and often I find that when I am thinking about it, if I live intentionally, I can get quite a bit done in a two-minute block. When I think of all the sorrow that happens every two minutes, I realize I want to ensure I live intentionally. I would love the news to say every two minutes, someone is blessed with a kind word or generous spirit or every two minutes, hope is offered….

Live life fully and live life well….


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