Good to be gone….

And GREAT to be HOME!

We had a wonderful family reunion in Canada and so enjoyed being together. It was a break from so much since cell phones and internet were too costly to use while we were over the border. The kids ran and played, the adults sat and visited and since my immediate family was hosting, we cooked and cleaned up ~ but even that was enjoyable!

I made a commitment to blog every day of the year in 2011. I did just that, even though I could not post while away. Tomorrow I will post the entries I wrote while in Canada. 

Before I left, I posted “I am confident though of this; as the weekend wraps up, we will walk away grateful people.”

That we did, grateful for our time together, for good times, worshiping together, playing together, enjoying good food, very hot weather and continued good health…..





More stories will follow…but tonight I am enjoying a dog sleeping on my feet (Dutch tends to do this when I return home after being gone), an air-conditioned home, and my own bed!

Enjoy this week and all it holds!

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