Lots to celebrate….

This week has been a week of family and celebration….

We celebrated Janneke and her graduation, Andrew and his graduation, Peter’s 8th birthday, Suzi’s 33rd birthday, Jonna’s 43rd birthday, Olivia’s graduation, my cousin Kevin and Mary’s wedding…..

I am thankful that I have a family that enjoys celebration. We still give gifts for birthdays and enjoy gathering for lunch. We often grill out for dinner and if the day is too busy to gather, we will meet for a night-cap and some crackers and cheese. And if it is out-of-town family (such as Jonna today) we talk about all the sweet moments and say often how we wish you were here to celebrate! Olivia is coming to GR to sleep over for a few days to be celebrated and we drove six hours to spend three in Chicago in order to celebrate Andrew….

I wonder what you have celebrated this week….

I wonder how you celebrated this week…

I hope that you will remember to take time to celebrate…and enjoy!

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