What does your tomorrow hold…


I had the great privilege to create Janneke’s open house video. It was a special time when each picture I worked with gave me a bit of insight into the delightful person she is. But tonight, as we wrap up the celebrations of her graduation, I seem to keep coming back to one of her favorite quotes: We must face tomorrow, whatever it may bring, with love, joy, and bravery.  Mr. McGoriums Wonder Emporium

I wonder what your tomorrow holds and what you are needing to face with love, joy and bravery? It is a great thought to take into my Monday. I wonder if what you are facing is being faced alone or in community? I wonder if you will rest easier when you face it or if you will experience restless days and nights to follow. I wonder if what you are going to face in your tomorrow will come with joy and anticipation or heaviness and dread….

I love that Anne and I opted to place this quote on the back drop of a beautiful sunset picture. When I remember this quote in the glow of the sunset, I am reminded that in my tomorrow, God has gone before me. As I have matured in my faith, I have come to realize that this truth does not mean that my tomorrow will be easy, but it does mean I can be confident that I am not in any space alone.

I wonder what your tomorrow will hold….

I wonder what your tomorrow will bring….

I wonder if you will use more love, joy or bravery….

I am thankful to know I am journeying with others. I would love to sit with you all tomorrow night and share what your tomorrow brought

Live boldly and live well!




Making eye contact…

I have learned many things these past few weeks as I have become a more avid bike rider.

I have many blogs brewing in my thoughts from these experiences, but tonight, due to internet connection issues, I am going to share one and keep it brief.

I am learning the importance of bikers and drivers making eye contact.

As a biker, this helps me to know I have been seen.

And in biking, being seen = safety.

I will share more very soon, but please, as a driver, be aware of where a biker is or may be coming from. Pay attention to  cross walks and white and yellow lines….it all helps those of us on bikes to remain safe and injury free!