Seems like just yesterday….

when I was 8 years old and my little sister Suzi was born on the last day of school.

I remember when my dad woke us up that morning…

I remember the four of us following my Dad like a line of ducklings into the hospital to see my Mom and meet Suanne Marie…

I remember watching her sleep and laughing at her sneezing….

I remember so much of her growing up….as if it was yesterday!

But then I realize that a lot of life has happened in the days that seem like yesterday.

Suanne has become Suzi and Suzi has grown up. She is still  fun-loving, tender-hearted, and has a gentle spirit. I still love to spend time with her and enjoy thinking about the days that seem like just yesterday….

But now my little sister is a wife and a mother and a good friend to many. She is an advocate for education and it is delightful to watch her play and nurture their two young boys and one little girl.

I am not sure how the days have come and gone so quickly since my little sister went from five to almost 35 (not quite but almost)….

But I am thankful that it wasn’t quite just yesterday and in the days between yesterday and today Suzi has met and married Andy and they have three wonderful children. And so, it was only right that on Mother’s Day I honored my Mother, but today I want to say Happy Mother’s Day Suzi. Thank you for inviting me to delight in your children and know I so love the woman you are. You make your big sister pretty darn proud….way back then and still today.

We are not actually celebrating Mother’s Day until this Sunday, so there may be another tribute or two coming yet. It is Mother’s Day week in my world!

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