What next week holds…

As I have shared in the last few days, next week I will be leading at Open Hearts Ministry (http://www.ohmin.org/) Journey Retreat. I will be blogging each day and am eager to share some of the many amazing moments that I will experience and be witness to. But let me first give some of those upcoming blogs a bit of context.

The intensity of the week is that we will be covering 12 sessions, normally done in a 12 week period at home, in five days.

The first four lessons take a look at The Road I’ve Traveled:

My Journey Begins

Responding to Another’s Journey

The Journey Back to My Story

The Journey of My Childhood

The next four lessons take a look at The Road I’m On…

My Journey with Shame

My Journey with Contempt

Relating to Others on my Journey

My Journey with Sexuality

The last four lessons take a look at The Road Ahead…

My Journey of Brokenness

My Journey of Returning

Disappointment on My Journey

My Journey of Redemption

And there you have it. Every time I participate, either as a participant or a leader, I learn, I am challenged, I am amazed at God’s Grace and presence, I am blessed.

As I write about this I am listening to stories of communities destroyed by tornado’s. The storms this season seem very intense in number and in the damage they leave behind. I am struck by how quickly life can change and how quickly we can lose all we cling to in our day-to-day. It is my hope and prayer that whatever your day holds, the predictable or the unpredictable, sickness or good health, employment and wealth or the constant question if you will have enough, that we will live in community with one another and continue to live with curiosity and interest of what we can give away….and then generously offer that to whomever is in our path!

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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