An excellent gift…

Listen hard…it is an excellent gift!

We have these little cards spread throughout the office as a reminder to listen well. We spend many hours of the day on the phone listening. It is easy to be distracted and try to do something while we are listening, but I must be honest, I listen best when I am choosing to only listen.

I wonder sometimes if we are losing the art of listening. Do you also find yourself distracted when listening in your day-to-day activities. Does your cell phone or iPod or texting interrupt your ability to just listen?

Remember that listening is a gift you can give to most anyone. I enjoy this gift because it is free, it is intentional and it is most often rewarding to both parties.

Give it a try in the next day or two. Set down whatever it is that is distracting you and listen…I dare say, it will be worth it!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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