A beautiful day to be redone tomorrow….

I love technology and even more digital technology.  I have invested in a good camera and had a wonderful day meandering around a cattle ranch in Texas today, taking many pictures. The day started on a walk with my Mom and two nieces. We walk through fields, alongside cows and horses and climbed up on wagons. There were many very cute and interactive moments caught on film.

We went with Richard to feed the cattle and were amazed with how close we can be to the bull and how cute the newborn calves are….and we snapped pictures of cows within arms reach outside the truck window

We went down to the horses and saddled them up and Ellie and Anne rode for hours an across many many acres….and I took many pictures of them to ensure they will always remember the feelings that came with their delightful days in Texas.

The pictures of today were filled with sun and fun, smiles, adventures and friends!

But then tonight, as we tried to figure out why those beautiful pictures were not uploading, one touch of a button and they are gone.

But the truth remains, the day was beautiful, the sun was ever so warm, the breeze was brisk and refreshing, the layer of dust on our faces came from a great experiencing of feeding cattle in Texas and the memories and feelings that accompanied this day are not easily erased or forgotten.

And we will do much of the same tomorrow morning in our hopes to share with you some of this Texas fun!

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2 thoughts on “A beautiful day to be redone tomorrow….”

  1. Great attitude, Trish! That is such a sick feeling, I did it in Hawaii several years ago with a new camera and lost most of our vacation photos. I hope today brings just as much joy and fun as yesterday!

  2. Trish, I just knew you were going to be embraced by Richard and Betty – they just have a very special way about them. I love going with Richard to the feeding lots as well. Sorry to hear about the lost pictures – I know your minds and hearts will hold the memories – putting them into words will be an event in it self.

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