Grace Group Week One

Tonight I spent the evening doing something I really truly love. I spent the night at Mars Hill as the first session of Retelling kicked off. Retelling is a Grace Group where a small group gathers weekly and in invited to explore their own story. I have been involved with the ministry of Open Hearts Ministry ( since 1996 and this ministry has propelled me into the journey to my heart. I find it to be such a privilege to sit with other men and women who are interested in knowing themselves better. I enjoy the process of discovery that occurs and empowering each member to be curious and to wonder about places in their own heart and soul….

Our Journey Guide says it well…..


to a healing journey… experience where you can explore your story and find your heart…

to a community of fellow travelers…people seeking to be real, to dream, to come alive….

to an environment of grace and affirmation…a safe place to look at the past and discover a future…

to a fresh relationship with the Wounded Healer…a God who knows, cares and is intimately involved…

Come along with us on a journey of transformation

Now doesn’t that sound inviting and an adventure of a unique kind…

Our first session is about how The Journey Begins.

You are about to begin a journey that will take you deeper into life’s experiences. You will be joining others who each have their own stories in what we call a Grace Group. Together you will look at people and events that have left their imprint on your heart. This will be a journey of discovery. Some of it will be painful. Some of it will be surprising, and some of it will be exciting. You will hopefully arrive with a greater understanding and real appreciation of your story, as well as a deeper intimacy with the Author of your story.

And tonight I met a group of courageous woman who are going to unpack their stories in new ways with new travelers. I am excited to know them more fully and to learn about myself in new ways…

Let me leave you with this thought….

“The past is the place we developed our deepest convictions about ourselves, life and God. One cannot enter another’s past merely by hearing the conclusions and convictions that resulted from it, but by being invited into the story itself…when one is permitted into this terrain, the guest stands on holy ground.”  Dan Allender

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to experience Holy Ground….

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