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I met and have known Linda through our involvement in Retelling and Open Hearts Ministry. I am thankful for her friendship, shared heart to journey with people and our shared passion for Scrabble. I appreciate Linda and the commitment she has to simple and authentic living. Thanks Linda for being my friend and a my first guest blogger! 🙂


Trish has been sharing her journey to her heart. Thank you, Trish for encouraging many of us to press on and into our own journey of the heart. There is an invitation here.

A letter to Dear Abby, recently posted in the GR PRESS, gave me pause to consider that it is never too late to begin a journey to one’s heart.

There’s an invitation in this letter to look at your own story and examine how a seemingly innocuous episode from your childhood might have altered your perception of your true identity.

“My lifelong friend from childhood wonders why I am avoiding her. Now that I am in my 80’s, the unfairness of a lie from our past is still plaguing me. Seventy-five years ago, at a Sunday school picnic, I saw “Mary Ann’s” mother take something from another woman’s purse. As she looked around, she caught my eye and an ugly expression came over her face. Days later, Mary Ann told me people in our church were being told that I was a thief. Not having the maturity to handle the enormous falsehood, and knowing it wasn’t true, I chose to ignore it. But it didn’t go away. It followed me all my life. I learned later that Mary Ann’s mother had a habit of stealing from homes where she worked as a practical nurse. Losing my reputation because of this woman’s weakness made the lie all the more painful, and I so want to be cleared at least in my friend’s eyes. But do I want to hurt my friend in revealing her mother’s responsibility in switching the blame for HER theft? Please help.  (signed) In Lingering Pain,

Graham, Wash.

Dear Abby responds: Write Mary Ann a letter and tell her exactly what you have told me. I’m sure she knows her mother’s character very well, and it will come as no shock to her. Then the two of you should decide together how her mother’s slander of you should be handled.

I can only imagine the sense of freedom that this dear soul has experienced in recent days now that her lie has been exposed to the truth.

What lie from your childhood is causing you pain – perhaps blocking authentic relationship with a friend?

How might simply bringing that lie into the light of TRUTH set you free?

Take courage, dear One; find a trusted confidant who can help you process the lie.

Begin journaling, join a grace group like RETELLING, start seeing a Spiritual Director…Step out on the healing path.

One of the benefits of this journey into the heart is living without regret.

If you have not yet begun a journey to your own heart, let me ask, what are you waiting for?

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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