discovered that she was the one she’d been waiting for…..celebrate her self-reliance!

And so my two weeks at Fitness North is drawing to a close. It has been a time of adventure, excitement, exhaustion, exhilaration, sorrow, tears, friendships and amazing support. I have learned that I have what it takes to challenge and care for my body, mind and spirit. I have learned about new expectations and new limits, my inner strength and the amazing power of community. I am not a runner (yet) and I still have fitness goals that have not yet been achieved. I have goals and a plan for my weight loss journey and I am returning home on Sunday with a sense of contentment with where I am at. I have worked hard and I am thankful that I don’t have to work out 9 to 10 hours a day at home.

One thing I want to be sure to say….

We were the first ever group at Fitness North. It is inspired by O’Neal’s (from Biggest Loser) weight loss journey. It is not a duplication of what you see on Biggest Loser. I was so touched, day in and day out, but the kindness and compassion offered to us throughout the many hours of exercise. They do not yell like Jillian nor jump on our backs and demand more. O’Neal, Sunshine, Leif, Jay and Sheryl were honest and forthright and did not let us give up. If any of you are looking for an experience that will challenge you, inspire you and call you to live your life in a more healthy and active fashion, let me know and I will connect with you to share how you to can have this opportunity!

And so as I leave this beautiful setting on Lake Superior, where the waterfalls roar and the gentle streams flow, I am assured that God has equipped me with everything I need to continue on. I look forward to the ongoing journey and am grateful for each and every experience and each and every person who have been part of my journey thus far.

Now, I am off to my last chance pool workout to burn the last of the calories before my six am weigh in.

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. You are lovely, Tricia. I’m thrilled that this was such a positive experience for you. Can’t wait to see you in person! Love you.

  2. Great job! I admire so much your persistance and insistance that this is what is required of you.Congratulations on your persistance and your wonderul insight! j

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