Our bodies are brilliant…

A lot happens in a day at Fitness North, but tonight I am remembering something new I learned about our bodies. Leif was sharing with us that our bodies will continue to lose weight when we get home because we have reset our metabolism during our time here. He also shared that although we are having results, we may not see it right away because our bodies first lose the visceral fat that surrounds our vital organs. After that process, our bodies will burn the fat around our waist lines and other gathering places.

I just am amazed at how God has designed our bodies in all of their functioning. I am pleased that my body knows first what I need, before giving me what I desire. Saturday I will find out my numbers, but just knowing that little tidbit helps me to feel healthier already.

And so at the end of this day, I am thankful that I am (and you are) fearfully and wonderfully made!

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