home again….

I believe it is good to be gone but great to be home. I love coming home! I enjoy the familiarity, the comforts, the routine, the great people I work with and interact with every day. I am not a person who longs for vacation and finds home boring. I am very blessed to be someone who enjoys going away but loves coming home!

But home feels a bit different this time around. I am awaiting an email from Leif, my Fitness North Trainer with my nutritional plan. Remember a few weeks back O’Neal had said a vision without a plan is an illusion. Well folks, the vision of the woman I want to be physically is no longer an illusion. It is in process and I am becoming…

How do I feel about that? I signed my email to Leif with the following words….I am ready and waiting….hopeful and thankful…anxious but trusting! The plan will require me to stay on task, sacrifice some things I enjoy and work hard, but as I was reminded often at Fitness North, that is all temporary. The end result will free me to live a healthier, more active, longer life (unless of course, God has a different plan).

And so today I realized that while I was at Fitness North I did just what I was told, I exercised hard, prepared the food, ate what I was told when I was told, slept great and lived in a single focused community. It was a wonderful experience and I was very obedient. When I stepped off that plane, I know I need to transition from obedient to discerning. Now that I am home, it is now time for me to make choices that support my vision. It is a journey. At times it feels like a journey up a mountain and other times a coasting down a hill….but either way, I must keep my destination in mind and ensure that my mind is focused on where I want to be, for the long-term, not in this moment of pleasure or satisfaction.

My journey continues and I welcome your support, encouragement and prayers. I will be updating with a loss report every two weeks so you can celebrate with me as I live out my vision!