The results are in….

And I am very satisfied. My body responded well to the workouts and nutrition here at Fitness North. I lost 9 pounds the first week and 9.4 the second week. In addition I lost a combined total of 13 inches between my thighs, hips, waist and chest. I am encouraged to be going home with a plan which includes exercise and a nutrition plan. I will keep you posted on the peaks and valleys that likely will continue as I journey this road.

And so tonight we spent the evening together, enjoying a meal, karaoke, laughter, dancing, singing and celebration. Celebration of new friendships, individual and group accomplishments, delightful interactions and anticipated gatherings where we will meet again. I have been with a very wonderful group of people. We range from 19 to 57, all have different stories life circumstances and yet an amazing bond with one another. I am very proud of everyone and their weight loss. As a group we lost more than 185 pounds. (two people still need to report in!)

And so, now I must call it a day. Tomorrow I will think through how often I am going to continue to blog. I enjoy writing every day and believe there are stores to share even in ordinary day-to-day living. I very much appreciate all of you have followed along and cheered me on. I am touched by how many offered kind words which reminded me daily to press ahead.

I will write tomorrow night when I return home and am reunited with my wonderful family and my chocolate lab pup Dutch. Dutch and I will begin classes this week so that Dutch can be a therapy dog. I am sure that in itself will offer some interesting blogging stories.

Signing off tonight with less on my outside and overflowing heart within…..

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

7 thoughts on “The results are in….”

  1. Awesome job Trish! And thanks so much for sharing your journey. I wish you all the best in your “re-entry to home life.” Stay in touch.

  2. Way to go Trish! I am so proud of you and have loved reading your daily blogs and seeing how much you have learned each day about yourself. You are such an inspiration to me and thank you for motivating me to live a healthier life style not only physically but inwardly as well. God bless!!

  3. Trish, God has used your jouney these 2 weeks to check what is happening in my own heart in different situations. I think you said in an early blog the commitment to this was costly as well as demanding. How do you put a price tag on helping people to take an “honest” look at what is going on in their hearts? I love your vulnerability, your heart for others, your honesty and I consider it an honor to be allowed to journey with you in your “boot camp”. You have a gift for writing and I don’t want to miss your blogs.

  4. Way to go, Trish!!! Be proud – you can have some gloat time. Your persistance paid off and I, along with many others, are happy for you. We’re also happy for ourselves – that you shared your journey with us, you’ll be healthier, our awareness of health and heart issues have been heightened, etc. Welcome back, we’ll still be cheering.

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